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FOCUS: Global Socio-Economic Development, Migration, Child and Family Well-being.

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Mashura Akilova is a Lecturer at Columbia School of Social Work. She has been teaching at CSSW since 2010. Dr. Akilova taught Social Welfare Policy, International Social Development Practice and AGPP. She has practice experience around the issues of school dropout, child labor, inclusive education and labor market in domestic and international contexts.

Dr. Akilova’s research is in the area of poverty alleviation and family well-being. She has conducted qualitative studies on child labor in Central Asia. She has also studied the effect of participation in microfinance programs on child labor and education rates worldwide. Currently, she is working on a pilot study understanding the effect of migration of household heads on their wives’ and children’s mental, physical and economic well-being in Central Asia.

Dr. Akilova has a PhD from Columbia University and an MSW from Washington University in St. Louis.