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Focus: HIV/STI prevention and risk reduction in various populations of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and USA; treatment of alcohol dependent women with PTSD; using multimedia and the Internet to disseminate a HIV/STI prevention intervention.

Research: Services research, systems science, and science of sociobehavioral research training, targeting individuals whose behaviors jeopardize the well-being of others and/or society, non-heteronormative individuals/sexual minorities, racial/ethnic minorities.

Dr. Wu is a Co-Director of the CSSW Social Intervention Group (SIG) and Co-Director of the HIV Intervention Science Training Program for Racial/Ethnic Minority New Investigators. He is also a Director of Columbia University’s Training, HIV, Substance Abuse, and Criminal Justice Fellowship Program, and Co-Direcor of Global Health Research Center of Central Asia (GHRCCA), also at Columbia University. His practice experience includes direct clinical practice with individuals, couples, and groups with agencies serving primarily the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities; evaluation of violence prevention programs for perpetrators of intimate partner violence in same-sex relationships; and program development and evaluation for criminal justice-involved adolescents and adults.

Dr. Wu’s research primarily consists of prevention and intervention research that focuses on offenders—defined as those whose behaviors place others at risk for health and pyschosocial problems—residing at the nexus of drug abuse, partner violence, and HIV. Dr. Wu has also recently embarked upon empirical investigations into factors and experiences that affect the professional trajectory of up-and-coming racial/ethnic minority researchers interested in applied sociobehavioral science to address and redress health disparities.