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Dr. Zweben received his doctorate in social welfare from Columbia University in New York in 1977.  From 1975 until 1986 he had a cross appointment at the Addiction Research Foundation and the University of Toronto, Canada where he was Director of Psychosocial Research and Associate Professor, respectively.  Dr. Zweben was at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, from 1986-2004 where he was Director of the Center for Addiction and Behavioral Health Research (CABHR) and Professor.  In 2005, Dr. Zweben returned to Columbia University where he is currently Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Sponsored Projects in the School of Social Work.

Dr. Zweben is an expert in areas related to addiction medicine, including screening and assessment, brief intervention, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, twelve-step facilitation therapy, HIV-risk reduction strategies, couples and family treatment, study recruitment/ compliance techniques, patient-treatment matching, medications development, and outcome measurement.  His research and publications have focused primarily on innovative assessment and treatment approaches for substance use problems.

Dr. Zweben has been a  principal investigator of numerous behavioral and medication trials including Project MATCH, an NIAAA-funded, landmark, patient-treatment matching study, the COMBINE study, a NIAAA-funded project examining the efficacy of combining pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy interventions for alcohol problems and HEART-to-HEART, a NIAAA-funded study testing the efficacy of combining alcohol and HIV risk reduction interventions for women at risk for HIV infection who are seeking help for alcohol problems. Currently, Dr. Zweben is testing a new alcohol medication combined with medical management in treating individuals with alcohol problems.