It might be said that the world of work is my “beat.” My special interest through a long career has been in equal opportunity in the labor market for diverse populations. Early in my career I worked for labor unions and helped establish Membership and Employee Assistance Programs (MAPs & EAPs) in various workplaces. I have had an instrumental role in the development and evaluation of EAP efforts and continue to evaluate their operation as a research direction.

Additionally, I have helped establish world of work curricula at numerous Schools of Social Work and have maintained an ongoing commitment to contribute to the scholarly literature in this field with the objective of promoting the expansion of services to working men and women and to the many disadvantaged individuals who seek entry into the world of work.

I have a long standing interest in issues of disability and have served in different capacities that promote the employment of individuals with disability starting with practice roles as the Director of Rehabilitation for the New York State Worker’s Compensation Board and as Associate Director of Just One Break, a placement service for workers with disabilities. I have provided consultation on disability and labor market policy under the United Nations, the World Rehabilitation Fund and other auspices to Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Sweden as well as to corporations, non-profit agencies and trade unions in the United States.

Most recently I have been concerned about the issue of social justice for people with mental health conditions and serve on the Statewide Educational Advisory Board of the NYS Office of Mental Health and on the Advisory Board of the VNSNY as well as directing several efforts that implement vocational outcomes for those often excluded from the labor force. My interests are reflected in an applied research agenda that has kept me actively involved building knowledge and implementing programs in agencies providing health, mental health and social services across the lifespan from children with asthma, those aging out of foster care and adults facing challenges in the workplace throughout the City, State and the nation.