Nancy Turret is a senior clinical and research psychiatric social worker at The New York State Psychiatric Institute, and previously served in other capacities there. In the Department of Geriatric Psychiatry, she administers diagnostic assessments and ongoing rating scales for the Adult and Late Life Depression Clinic. As a therapist in the Complicated Bereavement Protocol, she provides the complicated grief treatment developed by Dr. Katherine Shear at CSSW’s Center for Complicated Grief. Under the auspices of the Brain Stimulation and Therapeutic Modulation Division, Ms. Turret assesses patients participating in studies involving Magnetic Seizure Therapy. She has also provided individual, family, and group services on the inpatient General Clinical Services Unit, the inpatient Schizophrenia Unit, and outpatient departments treating affective disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and other psychiatric illnesses.

Ms. Turret treats individuals, couples, and families in her private practice on the Upper West Side, using treatment approaches including behavioral therapy and supportive psychotherapy. She specializes in providing complicated grief treatment for individuals who remain stuck in acute grief.