Moira Curtain is Director of the Advising Department. Formerly she was an associate director in the Field Education Department and managed the International, Immigrant and Refugee Field of Practice. She has taught the Immersion Seminar and the Seminar in Field Instruction at CUSSW.

Prior to joining CSSW, Ms. Curtain was involved in work related to medical social work, foster care and human rights. She was a Program Director at the Center for Urban Community Services in New York for five years where she worked with formerly homeless, many of whom were substance abusing and mentally ill people with HIV/AIDS. She has also done consulting work with the United Nations (UN), Soros Foundation, and the International Studies Trauma Program. Ms. Curtain currently serves as a representative to the UN for the International Association of Social Work and the co-chair of NASW-NYC’s Chapter for the International Affairs Committee.

Ms. Curtain received her BA from La Trobe University (Australia), BSW from the University of Melbourne (Australia) and MSW from Columbia University.