Labor, Custodial, and Security

Certain events depending on the day, time and room may require charges.

Labor Charge (for changes/additions to standard classroom layout):

  • $500 – Room 311/312
  • $250 – Estimated for all other classrooms

Custodial Charge (for cleanup after event): $55-85/hour

For Columbia University or CSSW events, custodial charges are billed directly from Columbia University Facilities. This is just a guide to calculate an estimate for your event. There is a 1-hour minimum for cleanup after each event. If custodial staff is needed after 2:30pm Monday-Friday and at any time on weekends for an event, there is a 4-hour minimum.

If there will be food served for an event, custodial clean-up is mandatory and you will be charged.

Security Charge (applies after posted building hours): $50/hour


CSSW Internal Users please contact
Columbia Affiliates and Non-Affiliates please contact for assistance with your reservation.