What kind of services can I expect from OSP?

In general, OSP provides the following services:

Support researchers and grants

  • Proposal and budget preparation and submission in collaboration with central Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) and the PI
  • Award review, negotiation and setup, in collaboration with SPA and the PI
  • Post-award grant and financial management
    • Budget vs actual and projections including quarterly expenditure certifications
    • Review expenses including salaries for allowability and budget impact
    • Process salary distributions and cost transfers to sponsored projects, including faculty course buyout and summer salary
    • Facilitate prior approvals such as rebudgets, no cost extensions, approval for specific expenses, and others
    • Financial reporting in collaboration with Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF)
  • Coordinate all administrative and financial aspects of grant closeout process, and any post-closeout issues including audits
  • Interpret federal rules and regulations, as well as University policies, as they pertain to sponsored projects
  • Work closely with faculty and research scientists to review their effort and the effort of staff charged to their grants for the annual effort reporting process.
  • Ensure that PIs and staff complete and update required trainings, conflict of interest disclosures and and other compliance requirements.

Facilitate connections among people, resources and opportunities

  • Share updated information on funder and university policies and procedures including organizing trainings, brown bags and other workshops and events
  • Provide consultation and guidance on a wide range of administrative, financial and compliance issues

Participate in strategic planning, anti-racism and other OSP and School activities

  • Attend weekly OSP anti-racism strategic planning meetings
  • Serve on DEI Advisory, ADR Advisory and other committees as requested