I just received an award. What happens next?

  • Review terms and conditions of the award or contract
  • Review approved funding level and modify proposed budget as needed
  • Submit project set-up form to SPA in order to establish financial ledgers in ARC
  • Once chartstring is established, spending can commence
  • Ensure PI and staff, if applicable, have necessary security clearance to access ARC

Typically award letters are sent directly to SPA and the PI.  As soon as OSP is notified that an award has been received, we will review the terms and conditions in collaboration with the PI. The PI must confirm that he or she is in agreement with the conditions before any funds are spent or checks deposited.

SPA serves as the official business officer and authorized signatory for all sponsored projects.  In the event that a signature is required by the sponsor, please note that only SPA can formally accept an award or enter into an agreement. For projects that do not require a signed contract, once spending commences the University has indicated that it accepts the terms and conditions outlined in the notice of award.  For these reasons, if there are any issues with the terms outlined in the NGA, it is imperative that these are brought forth before the project is activated.

Once Columbia has accepted an award, OSP will work with the PI to review the budget and determine if any items have been disallowed or if re-budgeting is required. Once the budget is agreed upon, OSP will provide a project set-up form to SPA, which in turn will inform how the budget is established in the financial system.  A PIN (Project Information Notification) will be generated and a chartstring will be established.  The chartstring serves as your “account number” to place charges against your grant. Please include this number on any expenditure or reimbursement requests.