I just received an award. What happens next?

NIH awards typically go to both SPA and the PI. Awards from other funders come on a variety of paths, so if you receive a notification of funding please forward it to your OSP rep. We will review the terms and conditions with you and in collaboration with SPA. SPA performs a legal review while OSP and the PI are responsible for reviewing the scope of work, deliverables, and reporting requirements. The SPA lawyer may ask for your feedback on terms related to publications, publicity or other issues that have a direct impact on the project. You must confirm that you are overall in agreement with the terms and conditions before we can finalize the award. If you have questions about any part of a new grant agreement please raise them during the review process so we can address them before the award is finalized!

Please note that PIs are not authorized to sign grant agreements on behalf of the University. SPA serves as the official business officer and authorized signatory for all sponsored projects.

OSP will work with you and/or your center staff to review the budget and scope of work to determine if any revisions are needed. Once the budget is agreed upon, OSP will send the project set-up form to SPA to create a chartstring in Columbia’s financial system. The chartstring is the “account number” for the project and gives Columbia’s financial system the information needed to hold funds and charge expenses in the right place.

OSP will share the chartstring with you and your team, and we maintain a list of active project chartstrings. It is important to use the correct chartstring for expenses related to each project.

OSP is responsible for confirming funding for all charges against sponsored projects at the School of Social Work. Please reach out for guidance about specific expenses.

You and your team are responsible for narrative reporting to funders. OSP will work with central Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF) on invoicing and financial reporting. Please note that NIH RPPRs require SPA review and submission.
OSP is here to support you and your projects! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.