I’m thinking of applying for a grant. What should I do?

It is never too early to reach out to OSP when considering or planning a proposal submission!

All sponsored projects are awarded to the Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York. SPA is the only office authorized to submit proposals on behalf of the University and they require five business days for review prior to the sponsor deadline. OSP is available as early as necessary in the proposal process to help develop the budget and work on administrative aspects of the proposal package. SPA is unable to guarantee thorough review for proposals submitted with less than five days review time, and reserves the right to pull a proposal from funding consideration if any compliance issues are identified post-submission.

(PI -> OSP -> SPA -> Sponsor)

As soon as you know you are planning to submit a proposal please reach out to OSP to discuss the funding opportunity and include any guidance documents you may have from the sponsor.

We can provide assistance on the following for proposal preparation:

  • Proposal checklist with requirements and timeline for on-time submission
  • Completion of sponsor’s required forms including portal data entry
  • Budget development and assistance with budget justification
  • Assistance with biosketches and Other Support documents
  • CSSW facilities and resources information, and other templates and standard language
  • Institutional information and forms including rate agreement, tax-exempt documentation, and audited financial statements
  • Communication with subawards, consultants and other external partners
  • Coordination of review and submission process with SPA