Assistant Professor of Social Work
Room 707

Jinyu Liu

Dr. Liu focuses her research on the support systems available to older Chinese adults in the United States and in China, particularly those with mental health issues. She also studies quality-of-life issues for Chinese family caregivers.

Assistant Professor Jinyu Liu is a faculty affiliate of the Columbia Population Research Center. Her research incorporates theories and methodologies across gerontology, epidemiology, and sociology to understand the mechanism of the support system and physical and mental health of older adults. Her projects investigate
• the buffering effects of family support and neighborhood resources on the relationship between physical health problems and depressive symptoms of older adults in China
• intergenerational relationships and depressive symptoms of Chinese older adults in the context of international migration
• the stress process experienced by family caregivers providing care for frail older adults in the social and cultural context of China

Before coming to Columbia in 2015, Dr. Liu was a postdoctoral fellow in the Curtis Research and Training Center at the School of Social Work, University of Michigan. She holds a BA in Social Work and Administration from China Women’s University, an MA in Sociology from Peking University, and an MSW and PhD in Social Work from the University of Iowa.