Adjunct Lecturer

Trissy Callan

Trissy Callan LCSW has enjoyed a NYC private practice in psychotherapy for the past twenty-five years. Her authentic presence in the moment allows clients to recognize their stuck areas as the perfect place from which to move forward.

Social work experience includes work with children, adolescents and adults in community mental health clinics, welfare-to-work training programs and inpatient hospital settings. In the health insurance industry she was an educator and advocate for members and nursing home residents.

Callan works with heterosexual, gay, lesbian and transgender individuals and couples. Her respect for the myriad ways in which people self-identify, connect, bond and express themselves sexually informs her practice.

She completed postgraduate training at the Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy, and holds an MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work.

Callan is also a painter whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her portraits of people from all walks of life capture the infinite changes in the ‘emotional weather’ of her subjects. Through social work and art, her passion for transformation endures.