Tracy M. Norris

Dr. Norris has served in the field of social work for over sixteen years. She has worked as a caseworker, clinical supervisor, manager, director, psychodynamic psychotherapist, and adjunct instructor. Dr. Norris has worked in a number of settings including hospitals, social service agencies, schools, and jails, where she provided indirect and direct social work services. She has labored to set up, organize, maintain, and improve mental health programs and provided face-to-face contact that served to enrich clients’ lives.

In her practice, Dr. Norris provides culturally aware, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, and person-centered psychotherapy. She draws from a number of treatment modalities including psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, and relational therapy; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT); and Motivational Interviewing (MI). She is skilled in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, dual diagnosis, group therapy, supervision, management, and working as part of an interdisciplinary team. Her specialties include anxiety, depression, existential crisis and challenges, LGBTQIA issues, gender and sexuality, relationships, race and cultural identity, trauma/complex post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood trauma, emotional regulation, phase of life problems, substance use, vocational stress, complicated grief/unresolved loss, personality disorders, anger, control problems, and family conflict.

Dr. Norris earned her BA in Sociology from The City College of New York and her MSW from Columbia University. She obtained her DSW at Rutgers University. Her focus of study was on how to address racial bias empathically in the context of the psychotherapeutic dyad. Dr. Norris is currently in her third year of training in the Adult Training Program in Psychoanalysis & Comprehensive Psychotherapy at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies.