Adjunct Lecturer

Tiffany Rice

Dr. Tiffany Rice works as a mental health therapist for college students in Maryland, DC, and Florida. She began teaching at the collegiate level in 2012 and began at CSSW in 2021. Her graduate courses focus on social work research and practice with people with disabilities. She teaches exclusively online at CSSW. Dr. Rice received her bachelor and doctorate in social work from Morgan State University. She received her Master of Social Work from CSSW. Prior to doing clinical work full-time, Dr. Rice served as a researcher in various settings such as the University of Maryland School of Medicine-Psychiatry. She conducted research that was funded by institutions like NIDA and NIMH. Her research has focused on topics such as women’s use of mental health services, stigma in mental health treatment, youth substance abuse, and young women aging out of foster care. Outside of being a social work practitioner and educator, Dr. Rice also enjoys designing clothes and traveling.