Scott Paltrowitz

Scott Paltrowitz is an activist, organizer, and advocate for human rights and racial, economic, and social justice. Scott has been most focused on efforts challenging New York’s incarceration system and the racism and abuses endemic to that system and faced by people caged in prisons and jails.

Scott has been involved in investigation and documentation of prison abuses as well as coalition-building and advocacy to end the torture of solitary confinement, challenge draconian sentences, increase releases of people on parole, promote decarceration and racial justice, stop staff brutality, and achieve other interrelated policy changes aimed at dismantling the entire injustice system.

Scott is currently most active in the #HALTsolitary campaign, which aims to end the torture of solitary confinement for all people and build on those changes and their pursuit to challenge the entire incarceration system and the racist punishment paradigm fueling it. Scott has also undertaken various forms of refugee, immigration, and human rights advocacy and activism in the US, as well as in Kenya, India, and elsewhere.