Adjunct Lecturer

Mike Selick

Mike Selick is an advocate and organizer specializing in drug policy reform and housing advocacy. He serves in policy and communications at New York Harm Reduction Educators (NYHRE), in which role he coordinates the Participant Action and Education Department. NYHRE is the largest (and one of the oldest) syringe exchange programs in the northeast. In addition to providing direct services, NYHRE organizes drug users and sex workers to play a leadership role in policy advocacy on issues that impact their lives.

Prior to joining NYHRE, Mr. Selick organized in East Harlem and the Bronx on issues related to welfare, housing, and civil rights at Picture the Homeless and Community Voices Heard. He has experience in campaign development, lobbying, direct action, leadership development, community organizing, communications, coalition building, and participatory research. He serves on the board of the PROS Network, which works to improve the health and rights of people engaging in the sex trade in NYC by strengthening connections between sex workers, their direct service providers, and advocates. Mr. Selick earned his BA with a concentration in Radical Urban Politics from New York University, and his MSW with a concentration in Social Policy from the Columbia School of Social Work.