Senior Lecturer

Martin Englisher

Martin G. Englisher, CEO of the YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood (the “Y”), grew up down the block from the organization he has led since 1981. Over the years, Mr. Englisher’s visionary leadership of the Y has been a positive force for the community, especially as he steered programming to serve the needs of a diverse and evolving neighborhood. His approach has always been to be an active visible leader in the community, and he has positioned the Y as a key player at many tables. Under his leadership, the Y has developed outstanding services at multiple locations in Manhattan for neighborhood families, including diverse youth programs, accessible social services in three different languages, and a housing facility for senior citizens, the Wien House.

He has been actively involved with the New York Police Department both at the precinct level and citywide, and especially with the NYPD Cadet Corps providing training and guidance to police officers. He has mentored hundreds of NYPD officers, starting with their initial employment and throughout their careers—some of whom are Commanding Officers today. In 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg awarded Mr. Englisher the NYC Small Business Services Award for Leadership, as a person who has significantly impacted a community over a lifetime. Mr. Englisher has chaired the Management Caucus of the New York region of UJA Community Centers and has negotiated collective bargaining agreements for the multi-employer group for over three decades. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences and meetings both locally and nationally, and a coach to newer CEOs joining the field.