Adjunct Lecturer

Martin Englisher

Martin G. Englisher, CEO of the YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood (the “Y”), grew up down the block from the organization he has led since 1981. Over the years, Mr. Englisher’s visionary leadership of the Y has been a positive force for the community, especially as he steered programming to serve the needs of a diverse and evolving neighborhood. His approach has always been to be an active visible leader in the community and has positioned the Y as a key player at many tables. Under his leadership, the Y has developed outstanding services at multiple locations in Manhattan for neighborhood families, including diverse youth programs, accessible social services in three different languages, and a housing facility for senior citizens, the Wien House. In 2012, Mr. Englisher was awarded the NYC Small Business Services Award for Leadership from the Mayor, as a person who has significantly impacted a community over a lifetime. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetings both locally and nationally and a coach to newer CEOs joining the field.