Margarita Carson

Margarita Carson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State, specializing in individual and couples therapy. Margarita was inspired to enter the field of social work by witnessing the mental health disparities in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Her purpose is to ensure everyone is provided with quality mental health services and lives a healthy life. As a solution-focused therapist, Margarita has been honored to make a difference in the lives of people through improving self-confidence and assisting them through challenging times.

Margarita graduated from Phoenix University in 2008 with a master’s degree in Public Administration and Management and the University of New England in 2014 with an MSW. She is currently attending Walden University as a PhD candidate in Public Policy and Administration.

Through her academic studies, experience, and passion she continues to engage people through a strength-based lens and compassionate counseling. Margarita strives to examine and correct practice through the lens of racial equity, dismantling systemic and institutional barriers to the well-being, stability, and success of clients, families, and community.