Senior Lecturer

Lucia McBee

Lucia McBee, LCSW, received her Master’s in both Social and Public Health from Columbia University. She worked for over 30 years with elders, high risk populations and persons with chronic conditions as well as their caregivers in a wide range of community, research, and institutional settings. During this time, she developed a pioneering practice using mindfulness as well as other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities to improve the quality of life in community, hospital, clinic and nursing home settings. She trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the Center for Mindfulness in 1997. She also completed training in in Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine at the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in 2000, and in 2008, Lucia became a certified Kripalu yoga teacher.

Since 1994, Lucia has taught MBSR to a wide variety of populations including frail elders and caregivers, college students, persons with HIV, those recently released from incarceration, and health care professionals, as well as courses for the general population. Lucia is currently a freelance author, teacher and consultant who regularly publishes and teaches nationally and internationally on mindfulness. She is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Columbia University School of Social Work. Mindfulness-Based Elder Care: A CAM Model for Frail Elders and Their Caregivers, her book describing her work with elders and caregivers, was published in 2008. For more information on Lucia see: