Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kimberly Westcott

Kimberly Westcott is Associate Counsel in CSS’s Legal Department, in which role she works to remove barriers to employment for persons with conviction histories. She previously served as a labor and employment attorney with the New York City Transit Authority’s Office of the General Counsel. She practiced labor law and general litigation with two law firms prior to her tenure there.

Dr. Westcott’s academic interests include social welfare policy and the process of criminalization. Her work aims to promote inclusion for marginalized groups and communities of color by advancing full civic, economic, and social participation in accordance with human rights principles. She explored these topics in her doctoral thesis, “Fictive Citizenship: A Genealogy of the Social Construction of the Black Male and the Penal Process in the U.S., 1790-1930”. Dr. Westcott also serves on the Development Team for the Hope Lives for Lifers’ “Sentence Planning Course,” a project of the American Friends Service Committee conceived by Larry White.

Dr. Westcott holds a BA in history from Yale, an MSW from the Columbia School of Social Work, and a PhD in Social Welfare Policy from Columbia. She is a graduate of Rutgers University School of Law– Newark.