Jeong Hyun (Jennifer) So

Jeong Hyun (Jennifer) So is a 1.5-generation Korean immigrant and a PhD candidate in policy analysis at the Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW). Jen’s research examines (1) time use as an indicator of social inequality, (2) the cross-cultural similarities and differences in time use, and (3) the impact of social policies on time use. Jen is interested in connecting her research to practice, program, and policy implications for women-led, single-parent, and immigrant households in the United States and South Korea.

Outside CSSW, Jen works as a Co-Director at Camp Naru, a weeklong sleepaway summer camp for Korean American youth aged 8 through 15, where she oversees staff recruitment, training, and supervision, as well as communication with camp families and external stakeholders. Prior to doctoral studies, Jen worked at the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) as the Manager of Immigrant Services Support, Events. She oversaw the NYIC’s Key to the City initiative, a citywide program bringing critical services to undocumented immigrants and immigrant neighborhoods throughout New York City in partnership with public schools. These services included consular identification services, immigration legal services, and education, health, and social services workshops and referrals. Jen’s other work experiences involved program administration and evaluation, project management, and community outreach in New York City and abroad.

Jen obtained her MSW from CSSW, with Advanced Generalist Practice and Programming as the method of practice and a concentration in Contemporary Social Issues. Jen completed MSW practicum placements at the Queens Criminal Court and the Korean American Family Service Center, where she spearheaded program evaluation projects. Jen holds a BA in psychology from New York University.