Adjunct Professor

Jeffrey E. Diaz

Jeffrey Emil Diaz is Director and co-founder of the Employee Development Center, a division of Weill Medical College at Cornell University that provides corporate consultation and employee assistance training. He is also a co-founder of the Midtown Center for Treatment and Research, an intensive outpatient chemical dependency program. He has served as Counseling Advisor to Major League Baseball, as a trustee of The Boy’s Club of New York, and as founding President of the Education Program Alumni Association.

Mr. Diaz was featured on Reach Out to Heal, PBS WNET-Thirteen’s special program in response to 9/11. Following 9/11, he provided guidance and support to executives, managers, and working people trying to move forward and return to work. He was as a senior advisor to Moyer’s on Addiction, Close to Home, a television series on alcohol and drug abuse in America, and edited Close to Home: Corporate Guide, which was designed for corporate executives interested in providing assistance to working people with alcohol and other substance abuse problems. He was featured on Moyer’s on Addiction: a National Conversation. Mr. Diaz has also been featured in the New York Times, Crain’s New York Business, Harper’s Bazaar and other publications.

Mr. Diaz holds a master’s degree from the Columbia School of Social Work University (1981). He was the first CSSW selected to receive the Presidential Management Internship.