Adjunct Professor

Jeffrey E. Diaz

Jeffrey Emil Diaz is the President of Jeffrey Emil Diaz, a consulting firm he founded in June of 2010. He serves as an executive coach to CEOs, deans, presidents and other leaders. He creates and provides leadership development seminars and is a strategic consultant to corporate, academic and not-for-profit organizations. He also facilitates discussions and change around the Black Lives Matter movement and continues to bring people together to listen, share, support and change.

He served as one of the founders and Director of the Employee Development Center at Cornell University where he and his staff provided employee assistance programming to a wide range of corporate, academic, not-for-profit, financial and cultural institutions, in the form of counseling to employees and their loved ones for personal and work-related challenges. The Center provided wellness programming and management training. This work included diversity, equity and inclusion policy development, trainings and seminars. Similar work was performed by himself and his team in the area of sexual harassment. He also was a founder of the Midtown Center for Treatment and Research at Cornell University a center that focused on alcohol and other chemical dependency with an emphasis on holistic treatment of working people.

He has served as the Counseling Advisor to Major League Baseball where he led locker room discussions on performance enhancing drugs, HIV and other health related topics. He has also worked with the National Football League.

He works internationally including recent work with Chinese doctors in leading academic and clinical settings sent to the United States to learn more about inclusive leadership styles.

Jeffrey Emil Diaz has taught at CSSW for many years and has developed and revised courses that include Social Work Practice with Alcohol and other Chemical Dependency and was recently interviewed for Facebook Live at Columbia on the opioid epidemic. He has also taught this as a policy course inviting other schools at Columbia. In the past he revised and taught the Bi-Lingual Bi-Cultural Practice course offering it as a Multi-Cultural Multi-Lingual Practice class and inclusive of all diversity including in practice, programming, research and recruiting.

He has taught at other universities, including serving as a Preceptor at Cornell University Medical School.

He is the recipient of the Latino Task Force Leadership Award 2015.

Selected Media
PBS Television, 9/11 Special, Reach Out to Heal, Interviewed by CNN’s Mary Alice Williams. Featured as the expert on how employers might respond to employees, and consider corporate culture, in the aftermath of the attack on the United States. Provided guidance and support to CEO’s and other leaders, managers and employees

The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Crain’s New York Business
Have appeared as an expert on a variety of subjects.

“Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home, Senior Advisor to four-part series by Bill & Judy Moyers. “On air” commentator, and panelist, concerning employee assistance programs and the training doctors receive in addiction. Editor, “Corporate Guide to Employee Assistance Programs”