Adjunct Lecturer

Helodia Dastine

I am Helodia Dastine, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychoanalyst specializing in supporting individuals who have experienced cognitive impairments, substance abuse, and mental illness within the LGBTQAI and BIPOC communities. With a warm, understanding, and accepting personality, I strive to create a trusting therapeutic environment where clients feel safe to explore their challenges.

I obtained my Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University and pursued post-graduate training at the Training Institute for Mental Health in New York City, focusing on psychoanalysis. Additionally, I am a Certified Ketamine-Assisted therapist and have received training in MDMA-assisted therapy.

Currently, I am enrolled in a Doctoral program at Simmons University, where I am focusing on Leadership, Education, and Advanced Clinical Practice, with a strong emphasis on antiracism, diversity, and equity. As the CEO of a group practice in NYC, I am dedicated to decolonizing mental health treatment and fostering inclusivity.
Throughout my career, I have worked with various social service organizations, providing vital services to adults facing homelessness, challenges with substance use, and individuals diagnosed with HIV and Diabetes. In leadership roles such as program director and clinical supervisor, I have demonstrated my commitment to quality improvement programs and promoting equity within the organization. Notably, I have piloted initiatives to improve client outcomes, such as a successful tracking system for HIV-positive individuals to maintain an undetectable viral load.

I am also credited with pioneering an integrated care model within a FQHC clinic, offering comprehensive support to clients at risk of avoidable hospitalizations and emergency department visits. My extensive experience and cutting-edge training allows me to delve into clients’ unconscious desires and identify underlying causes for their challenges, resulting in effective and lasting solutions.

Driven by my passion for fostering positive therapeutic relationships, I genuinely care about the well-being of my clients and believe that the quality of therapy is closely tied to the trust and rapport developed. I am dedicated to providing a safe and affirming space for individuals to heal and grow. My advocacy extends beyond the therapy room, as I actively strive for social justice and aim to dismantle systemic barriers.