Adjunct Lecturer

Emily Balkan

Emily Balkan is passionate about eradicating systemic injustice and further merging policymaking and the social work profession. She is the Policy Analyst in New York City Council’s Legislative Division, and works with the Council’s Committees on Health and Hospitals. In her role, Emily assists with developing health policy to govern New York City, such as Int 0954-2018, a Local Law which created a third gender marker option on birth certificates for those who do not identify as female or male. In addition, Emily drafts and finalizes resolutions, prepares materials for City Council hearings, and meets with Councilmembers, advocates, and experts to ensure the City passes equitable and helpful legislation. Prior to joining the Council, she was a Senior Policy & Client Services Associate at the Medicare Rights Center, where she advocated for older adults and people with disabilities, and specialized in assisting and advocating for those with long-term care health needs. She received both her Bachelor of Science in Social Work and her Masters in Social Work from New York University.