Adjunct Lecturer

Danielle Elleman

Danielle Elleman is the supervisor in the Bellevue Hospital Victim Services Program. Her advocacy experience includes individual-level work in criminal justice, civil court, and hospital contexts. Her macro-level experience includes advocacy work with local and state policymakers.

Ms. Elleman co-leads Project Envision, a community organization that addresses the root causes of violence from a public health perspective. Project Envision considers intersectional social issues through the lens of oppression and social norms, and develops strategies for change on the individual, interpersonal, organizational, community, and public policy levels. Along with her co-leaders at Project Envision, she received the 2014 Lydia Martinez Multidisciplinary Award for Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence.

Ms. Elleman has worked with international organizations through the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan and Romania, and through the Open Society Institute’s Sexual Health and Rights Project. She assisted La Casa Mandarina in Mexico City with program development and community mobilization. She organizes and trains forty volunteers a year to provide crisis intervention and advocacy to sexual assault and domestic violence survivors in the immediate aftermath of the trauma.

Ms. Elleman earned her MSW from the Columbia School of Social Work in 2006.