Daniel Bustillo

Daniel Bustillo is a doctoral candidate in Social Policy and Administration. His research interests are focused on the racial wealth gap, low-wage worker movements, labor organizing, alternative labor structures, and community-based organizations.

Prior to Columbia, Mr. Bustillo was a research worker on a national NIH-funded program designed to prevent strokes among children with sickle-cell anemia. Most recently, he served as Assistant Director, Field Services, and Labor Management Consultant at the 1199SEIU Training and Employment Funds. In these capacities, he worked with healthcare workers, the labor union 1199SEIU, and all major organized voluntary not-for-profit hospitals in New York City. He facilitated joint labor management teams on issues pertaining to workforce development, increasing worker input in organizational decision-making and quality/process improvement initiatives.

Mr. Bustillo earned a BS in Finance from Syracuse University, an MS in Organizational Change Management from The New School, and an MS from the Columbia School of Social Work.