Annie Grier

Antoinette “Annie” R. Grier (she/her/Ms) is a macro social worker advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism, accessibility, and sustainability (IDEAAS) in practice, education, and research. Ms. Grier’s commitment to IDEAAS is present in her work as the owner and principal consultant at IDEAAS, LLC and as an adjunct professor in the Fordham University Social Work program, where she instructs on working with organizations and communities and integrating practice with research and evaluation.

Ms. Grier’s breadth of knowledge is informed by eight years of criminal justice research and seven years of developing critical and innovative programs within the criminal justice systems in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Florida. She holds a BA in psychology and communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MSW specializing in research from The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.

Ms. Grier is a committee member for the Special Commission to Advance Macro Practice in Social Work and a practicum supervisor for several social work schools across the country. Also, she mentors social work students/recent graduates interested in macro practice. She retired in 2019 from a career as a professional football player, running full speed at quarterbacks and ball carriers as a defensive linewoman (#59) for the St. Louis SLAM Women’s Professional Tackle Football Team, with whom she won three national championships in the Women’s Football Alliance.