Amira Martin

Amira Martin, LCSW is a therapist with a private therapy and life coaching practice in Brooklyn, New York. Through her practice she partners with her clients helping them to solve their problems. Amira coaches working professionals so they can realize their personal and professional goals. She also provides couples therapy to couples, guiding them in understanding and meeting one another’s needs.

In 2010, Amira joined JBFCS, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the US. In her current position she works to provide program management and oversight within a program that meets the clinical and case management needs of children and families in Brooklyn, New York. Amira has experience leading groups and training master’s level students, helping them to understand group dynamics, and improve their understanding and awareness of issues of race, gender, and sexuality. She guides them in engaging in individual and family therapy.

Amira is an effective manager possessing sharp analytical thinking skills and the ability to assess, plan and implement effective programming. Amira possesses a strong understanding of race and racism issues and works cross culturally in an open and refreshingly honest manner.

In 2005, Amira joined Westchester NY’s largest and most prominent social service agency, Westchester Jewish Community Services, where she completed the Management Training Program. Amira kicked off the agency’s collaboration and partnership with the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation and managed Margaret’s Place, a multi-site program focused on Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention located in four distinct communities in Westchester, NY. During her time at WJCS she served as co-chair for the Diversity Committee, working to expand and deepen the agency’s understanding of serving clients of color throughout various clinical and management arenas. She also co-created and taught a course on race and racism within the agency.