Senior Lecturer

Amelia Ortega

Professor Amelia Ortega, LCSW, TCYM, SIFI, currently works as a Feminist Psychotherapist through her practice, Amanecer Psychotherapy, as an adjunct lecturer, and also as a consultant to direct service and non-profit agencies seeking to address structural and interpersonal racism. Professor Ortega believes her role in social work education and as a community-based clinician; is an opportunity to build collective consciousness about identity, power, and liberation labor. Professor Ortega’s clinical practice is trauma-centered and she utilizes somatic experiencing techniques including EMDR and Trauma Conscious Yoga Methods with clients to connect healing, post-traumatic growth and philosophies of struggle. Amelia’s clinical and teaching work is grounded in anti-racist, class-conscious frameworks, with a focus on Queer Feminist approaches.

Professor Ortega has instructed courses at CSSW for 8 years both residentially and online. She has been dedicated to the growth and development of the CSSW Online Program since the program was established. Professor Ortega currently instructs Human Behavior in the Social Environment A, she has also created a HBSE B course focused on Constructions of Gender and Sexuality and she is currently building a HBSE B course focused on Trauma and Community Resiliency.

Professor Ortega spends her free time being with the ocean and natural spaces. She practices Trauma Conscious Yoga, is an avid bird watcher, photographer and naturalist writer. Professor Ortega is inspired daily by the writing of liberation oriented authors and by the life partnerships created with her chosen family which include non-academic and academic teachers and leaders.

Professor Ortega’s academic background includes a BA in Media studies and Critical Race Studies from Hampshire College and an MSW from the Columbia University School of Social Work ( AGPP , Family Youth and Children). Since graduating from Columbia in 2007 Professor Ortega has focused her career on work within the Foster Care system and public school systems. While her work is currently clinically oriented- Professor Ortega’s background is primarily rooted in community organizing, training, and consultation.