Aimee Peters

Adjunct Professor Aimee Peters is a healthcare innovator and leader passionate about transforming the paradigm of behavioral health and envisioning models and systems of care and treatment that deliver value for diverse sets of stakeholders. Ms. Peters combines her extensive clinical expertise, strategic acumen and leadership abilities to develop solutions that draw on the latest science and technology to successfully strengthen emotional, physical and social health in today’s increasingly interconnected and rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem.

A Licensed Clinical Social work with deep experience of evidence based care delivery, Ms. Peters recently pioneered the development of the clinical programs and delivery models for AbleTo, the leader in high quality, virtually and digitally delivered behavioral healthcare with proven clinical outcomes and medical cost savings.

Ms. Peters began her career working for non-profit family services organizations building out and building new clinical programs to strengthen and reunite families impacted by social and mental health factors. For a number of years, she advanced the continuum of care in a New York City hospital behavioral health department bringing evidence-based behavioral health care to individuals and families alongside a multidisciplinary team.

As a co-author of several publications on tele-healthcare delivery, Ms. Peters has presented at industry conferences and participated in panel discussions on technology enabled behavioral healthcare. Aimee remains a proponent of improving the accessibility, quality and experience of mental health treatment for vulnerable populations.

Ms. Peters had hands-on experience as a Field Instructor and Coordinator for several New York City based schools of social work in both mental health and family services settings. She is honored to share her expertise with the CSSW community and to participate in advancing the preparedness of future professionals in the field. Ms. Peters holds a Master of Science in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work and a Post Masters Certificate in Family Therapy from the Ackerman Institute for the Family.