Faculty Openings

For more than 120 years, CSSW has been a leader in educating professionals for careers in social work practice, policy, and administration. The School offers master’s and doctoral programs that are widely recognized for their excellence. In addition, we aim to maintain a work environment in which all faculty can thrive.

At CSSW, we seek to place social justice and racial justice at the center of all we do. We acknowledge the persistence and devastating consequences of racist policies and practices and are committed to working in opposition to these forces to promote human well-being at every level across all strata of society, and to ensure that all can reach their full potential.

We have adopted a “systems thinking” approach to analyzing the complex forces that drive disparities, and how those forces interrelate. A systems science mindset affords us the opportunity to explore how economic, education, criminal justice, child welfare, technology, implementation, and health systems are interwoven and have a deep impact on the well-being of Black and Latinx/a/o individuals, families, and communities. We have actively recruited colleagues to join a growing cluster of post-docs and faculty at the junior and senior levels in the aforementioned areas to help untangle these formidable issues and reveal systems solutions to restructuring policies and practices to maximize well-being and achieve equity for Black and Latinx/a/o communities.

All positions are currently filled. Please check back periodically to see new faculty openings.