The Simultaneous Treatment of Parent and Child: A Unique Clinical Domain

December 16, 2019 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


1255 Amsterdam Ave.

Event Organizer

Social Work Office of Professional Excellence

Continuing Education Workshop (see registration page for CE hour info & fees) | Open to the Public | Registration Required

About the Workshop

Joanna Hulton

It has been observed that parents re-identify with their own parents when they assume the role of caring for a young child. Such re-identification can challenge a parent when presented with maladaptive behavior in their child – leading to frustration, a sense of inefficacy, and general fatigue as both parent and child enter a self-reinforcing downward spiral. Joanna Hulton, PhD (bio) will lead a half-day workshop designed to equip clinicians with tools to reverse this direction by treating the parent and child simultaneously. Participants in the workshop will:

  • Learn the importance of treating “parent as parent vs. parent as patient,” and understand the tendencies, fears and wishes that shape this unique therapeutic alliance,
  • Understand how empathic listening allows the therapist to stay in the experience of both parent and child
  • Identify the emotional and intellectual milestones of child development, and how such knowledge informs the therapeutic responses that benefit the parent-child dyad
  • Learn the techniques of Filial Play Therapy, and how to use it to extend therapy outside the office and into the home.

More information, including workshop learning objectives and a full presenter bio, can be found on the click here.