Society for Social Work and Research 27th Annual Conference

January 11 4:00 pm - January 15 11:00 am


Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel


The theme for the 27th annual Society for Social Work and Research conference is “Social Work Science and Complex Problems: Battling Inequities and Building Solutions.” If you are attending the conference, please join us for the reception and keep an eye out for these presentations by members of the Columbia School of Social Work community.

Hosted by Dean Melissa Begg
Open to alumni and conference attendees
Friday, January 13, 8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Ahwatukee Room, 2nd floor

Qin Gao, Professor
“Promoting Social Support and Reducing Child Maltreatment: A Parenting Group Intervention Among Chinese Immigrant Parents”

Charles Lea, Assistant Professor
“Lessons Learned from Centering Racial Justice in the Development of a Youth Survey for a County-Wide Health and Wellness Initiative”
“Re-Envisioning Social Work Science As Praxis to Eliminate Structural Racism and Grow Life-Affirming Worlds”
“Youth Justice at a Crossroads: A Discussion of Visions for the Next Horizon”

Brooke West, Assistant Professor
“‘Fear Gets in the Way’: Multiple Stigmas and Discrimination in Health Settings As a Driver of Overdose Among Postpartum Women”

Chireau White (MSW ’16)
“Evaluating the Ideate Integrated Behavioral Health Fellowship to Create a Diverse Interprofessional Workforce Serving Children, Adolescents and Transition-Aged Youth”

Brian Zampella (MSW ’15)
“The Sequential Intercept Model and Forensic Assertive Community Treatment for People with Serious Mental Illness: Implications for Social Work Practice”

PhD Candidates
Nathan Aguilar
“Suffering in Silence: Understanding the Experiences of Black Caregivers of Violently Injured Young Black Men”

Caitlin Laughney
“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder As a Mediator of Child Sexual Abuse and Substance Use Among a National Probability Sample of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Adults in the United States”

Tsewang Rigzin
” ‘It Ain’t About the Money’: A Cross-Country Study on Fiscal Implications of Immigrant Exclusion”

Meredith Slopen
“The Impact of Paid Sick Leave Mandates on Women’s Income and Economic Security”

Lauren Toppenberg
“Can’t Fight Poverty in Poverty: Organizing for Equity in Social Work”