Social Work LIVE: Tara Batista and Social Entrepreneurship

February 26, 2019 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

On the last Tuesday in February, Professor Friedman looks forward to interviewing Columbia School of Social Work administrator Tara Batista about whether social entrepreneurship can, and should be, the business of social work.

Dr. Tara Batista (bio) has been a lecturer at the Columbia School of Social Work since 2017, teaching courses in Macro Community Practice, Social Entrepreneurship, and Impact Investing. She is currently serving as the director of the School’s Social Enterprise Administration track. She previously directed the social entrepreneurship program at Stetson University School of Business Administration in Florida. Her own entrepreneurial experiences include co-founding two for-profit sports even management companies and founding a nonprofit foundation. Dr. Batista earned her Ph.D. from the Columbia School of Social Work by conducting a quantitative study of the impact of youth empowerment programs on youth aging out of foster care in Florida.