Social Work LIVE: Lauren Gates on Vulnerable Youth and the World of Work

May 7, 2019 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

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CSSW Communications

DON’T MISS the final episode of the 2018–19 Social Work LIVE on Tuesday, May 7.

In this episode, host Michael Friedman talks to Workplace Center Director Lauren Gates (bio) about how to connect foster youth to meaningful careers and prepare them for economic independence. The program marks the final episode of the 2018–19 academic year. Be sure to join us!

When: Tuesday, May 7, 2019; 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Where: Tune in remotely on Facebook.*

About the Guest

Dr. Lauren Gates is a foremost expert in working with individuals confronted by barriers to labor force participation, such as those with physical or psychiatric disabilities and youth transitioning from foster care. She also works with organizations unfamiliar with best practices for the effective employment of workers with multiple challenges. A senior research scientist at the School of Social Work, she serves as the director of our 50-year-old Workplace Center. Among the Center’s many kudos is a prestigious prize from the Harvard Kennedy School for its involvement in an innovative project in Rhode Island that helps foster youth get jobs.

About the Host

Michael Friedman is a social worker with over fifty years of experience in mental health and public policy. He has chaired, founded, or directed numerous city and state agencies and published approximately 200 articles, chapters, and essays, including a parody, The Diagnostic Manual of Mishegas. Since retiring he has continued to teach at the Columbia School of Social Work and to write about mental health, aging, and other topics at and in a column for MedPageToday. He is also a semi-professional photographer and jazz pianist.


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