Misconceptions and Murder: Unpacking the Dynamics and Dangers of Intimate Partner Violence

October 19, 2019 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


1255 Amsterdam Ave.

Event Organizer

Social Work Office of Professional Excellence

Continuing Education Workshop (see registration page for CE hour info & fees) | Open to the Public | Registration Required

About the Workshop

Kristen Slesar

At the expense of the 3 or 4 women murdered every day by their partners, and the millions of victims who face homelessness, long-term health issues, and ongoing danger, two myths persist. One is that domestic violence isn’t that bad, and the other is the belief that “it would never happen to me.” Presenter Kristen Slesar, LCSW, ((bio), will debunk those myths and help participants perceive the dynamics of intimate partner violence, along with safety and intervention strategies. Additionally, she will address the many ways in which healthcare, justice, and other systems repeatedly fail victims and survivors—particularly those who are Black, Indigenous, persons of color, and trans-identified.

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