Jewish Identity/Jewish Diversity Virtual Exhibition

January 31 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

From Uzbekistan to Tunisia, India to Argentina, Yemen to the US, Zion Ozeri’s photographs speak to the cross-cultural dimension of contemporary life. His work offers a kaleidoscopic portrait of a diverse people, illustrating the many ways in which Jews have absorbed elements of local culture while affirming their ancient tradition. In a world often beset by exile and loss, Ozeri’s photographs seek a sense of home, familiarity, and shared experience.

Ozeri’s work transcends the particularities of culture. In George Eliot’s early collection, Scenes of Clerical Life, the author wrote: “There is a power in the direct glance of a sincere and loving human soul, which will do more to dissipate prejudice and kindle charity than the most elaborate arguments.” Ozeri’s photographs provide that power. We see ourselves in his subjects and feel the shared humanity reflected in their pensive glances and engaging gaze.

Through Ozeri’s work, we may come not only to more fully understand the complexity of Jewish identity, but to better appreciate the connections and commonalities that exist among people of all cultures.

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