From Practitioner to Executive: The Skills to Success

May 4 9:00 am


Columbia School of Social Work 1255 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027

Transitioning from practitioner to non-profit executive can seem daunting. Yet, as practitioners, there may come a point in our career when we decide we can be more impactful as an organizational manager than as a direct practitioner. So how do we make the leap? The skill sets necessary to run a nonprofit organization are very different than those needed to provide direct services, but they can be learned. This workshop will introduce you to the theory, concepts and skills necessary to move into a position of organizational leadership.

Workshop Description
This workshop is geared specifically towards practitioners who are seeking a road map and hands-on skills building to chart their pathway from direct practitioner to organizational manager. Participants will learn the difference between being a Manager and being a Leader. Concrete leadership and management skills will be introduced to learn the basics of leadership styles, management styles, project management, change management and business & finance for the nonprofit executive. Theory and concepts will be introduced then illustrated through group activity and discussion. Leadership and management skills will be illustrated and practiced via role play and Socratic discussion. The goal of the activities is to stimulate a thoughtful and inquisitive conversation on what key elements are necessary to successfully lead an organization and, conversely, what traits can lead an organization to fail. Finally, small group activities will allow students the opportunity to practice the basics of the business & finance skills.