Dreamers Changing NY – DACA 5k Run

October 28, 2017 9:15 am - 12:00 pm


St. Mary's Park 450 St. Anne's Ave Bronx, NY 10455


This event, to be held on 10.28.2017, is to create awareness for the rights of immigrants, especially the Dreamers whose fate now hangs in the balance after the present administration ended the DACA program. This event will not only bring together the community to run and walk but also to share stories from young immigrants who have achieved so much and contributed positively to the community because of the opportunities they were able to access because of DACA.

Amnesty International, through their chapter at Columbia School of Social Work, and a new group in the Bronx, have partnered with a student initiative, Safari Yangu Immigrants Stories, RDJ shelter Harlem, Peace & Justice Task Force of All Souls church to protect the rights of these young New Yorkers who are already changing lives in different ways as doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, social workers so much more.

Participants have the choice of running or walking; whatever feels most comfortable for you. For those who chose to walk, you are welcome to bring banners and signs supporting the immigrant community. We also welcome all organizations and nonprofits who want to partake in the 5K.

This team of partners aims to continue working together in telling the stories of immigrants and advocating for their rights in New York. Your donation of $10 will not only help host this event but also continue expanding the work. With that being said, there’s no maximum donation so we encourage you to donate the amount that you feel the most comfortable with.

After the run, immigrants and refugees will have the opportunity to share their life stories as immigrants in this country. As immigrants share their stories, it can potentially become a trigger and these individuals may need to speak with someone more in-depth regarding their experience. Fortunately, Columbia School of Social Work has available space for these conversations to be had.

Website: https://safariyangu4immigr.wixsite.com/safariyanguwww.amnestyusa.orgInstagram: @safariyangu4immigrantstories
Twitter: @@SafariYangu_