COVID-19 ACTION | Trainings | Strategies to Address COVID-related Stigma, Racism and Discrimination

May 1, 2020 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Join special trainings offered by CSSW faculty as part of their COVID-19 ACTION initiative; open to the School of Social Work’s community.

About the Approach

Psychoeducational models draw on an evidence-based approach and can be adapted for multiple settings and populations. The approach can be tailored to fit specific circumstances and focuses on a learning exchange between facilitator and participant. It is strengths-based and attends to coping, stress management, increased insight, grief and loss, social support, and personal and community advocacy, while maintaining a social justice and anti-oppressive perspective.

About the Session

Led by faculty members Amy Kapadia (bio) and Samantha Winter (bio), will utilize the evidence-based practice model of psychoeducation to highlight the multi-systems impact of stigma, racism, and discrimination as it relates to COVID-19, and compounding factors that contribute to health disparities, barriers to help-seeking and diminished human agency. They will create space to examine our own biases and reactions that influence our helping relationships, and share strategies and tools to support practitioners in empowering those with whom we work to process and manage the impact of stigma, racism, and discrimination during these challenging times and beyond.