ANNUAL LECTURE: China’s 40 Years of Poverty Alleviation: Historical and Sociological Perspectives

November 29, 2018 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm

Li Xiaoyun
Dean, China Institute for South-South Cooperation in Agriculture (CISSCA) & Distinguished Professor in Development Studies

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Chinca Center for Social Policy

About the Event
China has made dramatic progress in alleviating poverty in the past 40 years, making significant contributions to the world’s anti-poverty agenda. How did China achieve this? What lessons did china draw from other countries, and what lessons can other countries learn from China? In this talk, Professor Li Xiaoyun will review China’s poverty alleviation progress and examine its driving forces. He argues that China’s poverty alleviation has been led by the party-state and enabled by the socioeconomic transformations. The integrated family-state values system and shifts in the rural social fabric contributed to this process. Professor Li will draw from his poverty alleviation experiments in Yunnan, China and in Africa to elaborate his arguments.

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Download Professor Li’s PPT presentation (in PDF: 15 pp).

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More About the Speaker
Professor Li Xiaoyun is Dean of China Institute for South-South Cooperation in Agriculture (CISSCA) and Distinguished Professor in Development Studies at China Agricultural University. He is Chair of the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST), also Chair of China International Development Research Network. He holds the advisory post for many institutions, such as Standing Trustee of Chinese Agriculture Economics Society, Deputy General Secretary of the China Women’s Studies Society, member of Advisory Committee of the State Council for Poverty Reduction, and member of advisory committee for All Women’s Federation in China, the member of the advisory committee of the One in Africa, and member of advisory committee for ESRC/DFID in UK, and member of advisory board of Rising Power Initiative IDS/DFID.

He was Dean of College of Humanities and Development Studies, and Dean of School of Public and Policy Studies, Director of Research Center for International Development at China Agricultural University, and was Director of OECD/China-DAC Study Group.

His work covers development intervention, gender and development, poverty reduction, climate change, international development aid, China’s foreign aid, China and Africa, Africa’s agricultural development. He received many awards, like the China Poverty Reduction Award, Youchange Poverty Research Award. He was awarded as the China’s philanthropic Thinker 2015, and China’s Social Responsible Award 2016. He received the national honor of China Poverty Reduction Award 2017. He has been a senior expert for the Chinese government, the World Bank, ADB, UN, and EU, GIZ, DFID, and other bilateral agencies as well as international NGOs working in China, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He was visiting Professor at LSE and Oslo University and visiting Fellow at Germany Institute for Development.