A Healing Justice Movement for Educators and Practitioners

May 19 9:00 am - March 24 4:00 pm

About the 2021 Conference

Social workers in educational spaces are advocates for social justice while grappling with secondary trauma, inequity, and obstacles across all levels of practice. How do we engage in conversations around the grief we endure and at the same time express resiliency, hope, and joy in our interactions with others?

Cara Page, co-founder of the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective, and this year’s keynote speaker, defines the concept as follows:

“Healing Justice identifies how we can holistically respond to and intervene on generational trauma, violence and disassociation; and bring collective practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression in our bodies, hearts and minds.”

The transformation Page speaks of extends to communities and systems as well. We invite you to explore these questions by sharing knowledge, strategies, and approaches with one another in order to cultivate opportunities for healing, connection, awareness, and action.