Heritage Calendar

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Black History Month (2/1/2021)

An annual observance to pay tribute to and recognize African Americans who made significant contributions to the US and the rest of the world.

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Ethnic Equality Month (2/1/21)

This event is to honor the similarities that people have as well as acknowledge and respect the differences each of us has in regards to their traditions and values.

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Lunar New Year (2/12/21)

Also called Spring Festival, Lunar New Year is an annual festival celebrated in many Asian countries, including China, South Korea, and Vietnam, to bring the first new moon of the lunar calendar and end the first full moon 15 days later.

Lent (2/17/21 – 4/3/21)

It is a 40-day Christian period of preparation that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends before Easter Sunday. Lent is marked by fasting from food and festivities.

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