Current Members


  • Desmond Patton (2018-2021), Associate Professor of Social Work and Sociology; Associate Dean of Curriculum Innovation and Academic Affairs

Faculty members

  • Carmela Alcántara (2018–2021), Associate Professor of Social Work; Associate Dean for Doctoral Education
  • Qin Gao (2018–2021), Professor of Social Policy and Social Work; Director, China Center for Social Policy
  • Louisa Gilbert (2019–2022), Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Ellen Lukens (2020–2023), Sylvia D. and Mose J. Firestone Centennial Professor of Professional Practice
  • Yamile Martí (2020–2023), Associate Professor of Professional Practice
  • Ronald Mincy (2020–2021), Maurice V. Russell Professor of Social Policy and Social Work Practice

Ex Officio members

  • Melissa Begg, Dean, School of Social Work; Professor of Social Work and Biostatistics
  • Cheiku Camara, Assistant Dean for Student Services
  • Moira Curtain, Associate Dean for Advising & Dean of Students; Lecturer in Social Work
  • Jim Glover, Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
  • Kathryne Leak, Associate Dean and Director of Field Education; Lecturer in Social Work
  • Michael Lovaglio, Associate Dean for Enrollment and Student Services
  • Karma Lowe, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement
  • Matthea Marquart, Assistant Dean, Online Education Lecturer in Social Work
  • Monique Jethwani, Assistant Dean of Faculty Development and Academic Affairs
  • Julien Teitler, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs
  • Ned Walsh, Director for Institutional Research & Evaluation

Student representative

  • Nina Beth Jaroslaw (2020–2021)