Who to contact with questions about…

If you have a question or concern, would like more information about an administrative process, or would like to provide feedback to the school, please reach out to the appropriate office or contact person as your first step. Below is a list of topics students commonly ask about, with contact information for the relevant offices. If your question covers a range of topics, then we would encourage you to use our general inquiry form.

Additional points to note:

  • More information on policies and procedures at CSSW can be found in our student handbook and in an FAQ format here.

  • Information on policies for the wider Columbia University system can be found here.


For faculty that have questions or feedback regarding CSSW’s curriculum or suggestions for new courses, please use the curriculum committee feedback form. For faculty that have classroom-related concerns, exceptions to academic policy, or possible issues of academic misconduct, please reach out to Academic Affairs at swoaa@columbia.edu.


For questions or feedback on progress towards the degree, please reach out to swadvising@columbia.edu with questions about your academic course and study plan, issues regarding specific courses or electives, grade concerns, requesting or returning from leaves of absence, wellness concerns, experiences in your practicum assignment/experience, possible issues of community misconduct, academic progress, climate within or experience with a course.

For students who have concerns about their grades, we encourage they speak with their instructor to see if a resolution can be achieved. They should also meet with their advisor to brainstorm about the next steps. This might include mediation with the student, instructor, and an Office of Advising staff member. Information about grade appeals can be found in the Student Handbook pgs. 41-42.

Students can review the curriculum via Student Services’ Registration Guides and Course Information. In addition, the Office of Advising is available to answer curriculum questions by appointment via the Advising Appointment Scheduler.


For questions or feedback on incidents of potential bias, issues of inclusivity, and school climate, please reach out to the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion via email (swdei@columbia.edu) or via their online web form (can be anonymous) – link below.

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For questions or feedback on career options and planning, please reach out to swcareer@columbia.edu with questions about career counseling, career and professional development workshops, recruitment and networking events, and access to job opportunities.

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For questions or feedback on specific courses, please see ACADEMICS and ADVISING above.


For questions or feedback on accommodations you may request, please email swaccommodations@columbia.edu with questions about reasonable accommodations at CSSW. Students should begin with reviewing the website for Disability Services at the University.

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For questions or feedback about the availability of study or computer lab space, hours of operation, or other building or campus feedback, please contact swfas@columbia.edu.

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For questions or feedback on faculty or classroom issues, please see ACADEMICS and ADVISING above.


For questions or feedback on practicum placements, expectations, or issues at site/with supervisors, please reach out to swfieldstaff@columbia.edu with questions about practicum. Examples of topics may range from concerns about the experience of practicum assignment overall, your agency, your progress, or to report issues of concern.

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For questions or feedback around financial aid packages, emergency funding, or financial hardship, please reach out to swfinaid@columbia.edu with questions about preparing and planning for the cost of your education, your financial aid package, generally, changes in your financial circumstances, or information on scholarships, work-study funds, loans, payment schedules, and refunds.

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For questions about Columbia housing, please email Admissions at cssw-admit@columbia.edu if you are a new student. If you are a continuing student, please contact Advising at swadvising@columbia.edu.

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For questions or feedback about IT resources available to students including but not limited to Columbia Zoom Pro Licensed accounts, CourseWorks-Canvas, software licenses for courses, Qualtrics (online survey tool), Turnitin (anti-plagiarism tool), and the student computer lab, please reach out to swit@columbia.edu.



For questions or feedback on the process of obtaining state licensure for social work, please email swlicensing@columbia.edu with licensing questions, New York State Department of Education licensing procedures and forms, and general guidance for any other state-specific requirements.

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For questions or feedback on registration procedures or challenges, please reach out to swstudentaffairs@columbia.edu with questions about registration, holds on registration, cross-registration, transfer credits, schedule changes, waitlists, and other questions regarding registering for courses.



For questions or feedback on student activities, events, and leadership opportunities, please reach out to swstudentlife@columbia.edu with questions about engaging in co-curricular activities, student government, caucuses and student groups, as well as student leadership opportunities.

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For questions on tuition and fees, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office at swfinaid@columbia.edu with questions about billing, payments, and refunds.



For reporting discrimination or harassment, please reach out to eoaa@columbia.edu with questions or to report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or gender-based misconduct.

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The Ombuds Office provides a safe space for faculty, students, staff, and affiliates to confidentially discuss work-related issues, academic concerns, clarification of policies, and many other concerns and issues. Please review the resources of Columbia’s Ombuds Office and schedule an appointment to utilize this informal, confidential resource.

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