Information for Transfer Students

A maximum of 30 credits, earned while an MSW degree candidate, may be granted toward the Master of Science in Social Work degree at Columbia. In order to earn the 60 credits required for the M.S. degree, at least 30 credits must be completed at CSSW (regardless of the number of transfer credits eligible for transfer). These credits include 9 credits in Practicum Learning and 21 credits in social work classroom courses. (When evaluating transfer credits, the School is looking for equivalent coursework to T660A-B Human behavior and the Social Environment I & II, T6501 Social Work Research, T6801 Social Welfare Policy, T7100 Foundations of Social Work Practice, T7102 Direct Practice II, T7103 Advocacy in Social Work Practice, T6010 Practicum Learning [two terms worth no more than 6 credits], and an elective.)

Transfer students are not permitted to pursue Dual Degrees. They may pursue some minor programs (not the Law Minor).

Study plans may vary slightly for Transfer students who receive less than 30 transfer credits. In such cases, the student should meet with staff in the Office of Student Services to discuss an adjusted plan of study.