When will I find out who my advisor is? Will I have the same advisor as last year?

Your advisor’s name and contact information will be viewable on Student Services Online by the end of the first week of classes. You will likely have a different advisor than assigned in your Direct Practice year.

What is my advisor’s role?

The Office of Advising assigns each Advisor to a cohort of approximately 20 students. The advisor is your primary resource of advising, both academic and practicum, and any life issues that may impact graduate school performance. You can expect mentorship from a seasoned practitioner, a visit to your practicum site, one-one-one meetings to discuss practicum and academic challenges and successes and email/phone contacted as needed. Over the academic year, you will attend advising seminars twice a semester with your cohort for professional social work practice development and to create a bonded supportive group of fellow students.

When will I have Advising Seminars? Are they mandatory?

There are 3 Advising Seminars in the second year. The sessions are mandatory. Meeting dates will be emailed to students, and also will be listed in Courseworks for your field course.

What if my advisor is not available: is there someone else at the School I can speak to?

If you’re not able to reach your advisor, you should contact the Office of Advising. Email

What if I have additional questions about academic planning, practicum-related concerns, or personal issues that could affect my performance in practicum and class?

or help with additional questions on advising-related matters, please contact the Office of Advising at:
Counseling: By appointment. Go to online appointment system.