Program Withdrawals, Leaves & Readmission

Students can request a leave of absence prior to the start of a term or during a term. When a student takes a leave of absence during a term, this action also is considered a withdrawal. Withdrawal is defined as the dropping of one’s entire academic program in a given term after the first day of classes of the term. When a student requests a leave of absence, their intent is to resume their studies based on an approved timeframe. However, if a student requests to withdraw from the program, their enrollment at the School is terminated, and they must reapply via the standard admissions process should they wish to re-enroll at a later date.

Withdrawing from the School of Social Work after the start of the semester can have implications for financial aid, and students are encouraged to speak with the Office of Financial Aid about any financial consequences. Any student who wishes to withdraw from the School of Social Work must notify the Office of Advising in writing and subsequently complete the LOA/Withdrawal Form. Neither notification to instructors of a plan to withdraw nor failure to attend classes will constitute an official withdrawal from the school of Social Work.

It is recommended that students discuss their LOA or Withdrawal request with the Office of Advising PRIOR to submitting this form.

Students will be held responsible for related tuition and fees [See Refund Schedule below].