When will I find out who my advisor is?

Your advisor’s name and contact information will be viewable on Student Services Online by the end of orientation week.

NOTE: If you have questions about your academic program, class scheduling or registration prior to orientation, please contact the Office of Student Affairs by sending an e-mail to

What is my advisor’s role?

In Year 1 and 2, when you are completing your background courses and foundational practice courses (7100, 7102 and 7103), your advisor is Office of Advising staff member, Yesika Montoya. She helps you map out a program plan for your three years of study. When you begin your field placement in Year 3, your advisor will be a social work professional who is employed by CSSW to serve as your educational support in both the classroom and practicum. Click here for Final Year Advisor.

What if my advisor is not available: is there someone else at the School I can speak to?

If you’re not able to reach your advisor, you should contact the Office of Advising. Email

What should I do if questions arise about my academic plan or practicum placements, or if personal issues arise that could affect my performance in practicum and class?

For help with additional questions on advising-related matters, please contact the Office of Advising at:
Counseling: By appointment. Go to online appointment system.
See also:Office of Advising Staff Listings & Advisor Directory