What does the program for international students at CSSW consist of?

The International Students Program (ISP) is designed for international students who are pursuing higher degrees in social work but are unfamiliar with the U.S. social welfare system. Taking place over five consecutive semesters, it offers international students an opportunity to get up to speed on the special features of U.S. social services, and to improve and enhance their English skills, before beginning Practicum Learning. As a member of the ISP, you’ll receive an introduction to social work practice in the United States—including the organizational structures and operation of American social service agencies—and learn about a variety of social welfare issues in this country.

During orientation week, you will take English language proficiency exams that are administered by the University’s American Language Program, under its School of Continuing Education. The School of Social Work will evaluate your test results and review your Admissions file to determine whether the ISP is the best fit for you and your educational needs. We will also determine whether you should be enrolled in intensive English-language writing and comprehension courses.

NOTE: In a few instances, an international student may be exempted from ISP based on strong English-language skills and adequate experience either working in the U.S. or an English-speaking country or with an English-speaking population.